On Mission Connection

This year’s OMC was another picture of God’s love for people. We gathered the first part of this week to meet with some of the  most giving and loving christians around. Our friend and brother from Cincinnati , Jason McKinney shared the testimony of several of his new acquaintances for our Sunday morning worship service. He presented a real challenge to each of use to share the Gospel regardless of our training or credentials. Stories of new converts bringing friends to Christ and reformed drug addicts witnessing in prison display the love of God to all of His creation. Sunday evening Bro. Steve Pearson from the TBC shared the alarming numbers of evangelicals that are seemingly losing ground in Tennessee Baptist Churches. He helped each of us to see the hand of God at work in our communities, despite the loss in numbers and reminded us of the value of personal evangelism. An introduction to a new focus of the TBC deemed Connect > 1 was a highlight of his message. Connect 1 is a new campaign from the TBC that challenges all christians to bring one person to Christ this year. A simple task, but very challenging when we see that less than 2% of evangelical christians share their faith on regular basis.

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