Secret Church 16

Our introduction to this ministry lead by International Missions Board President David Platt was exciting and challenging. A small group of us met on Friday night April 29th for SIX AND A HALF HOURS! We were introduced to the many different religions that fill world. Man’s effort to reach God has existed since only days after the fall. From Cain’s feeble attempt to appease God with his inadequate individual efforts to the massive and growing effort of the Islamic State, our attempts to come to God have only resulted in humanities continual failure. So the question is: “How do we reach the people of these world religions?” Dr. Platt laid out the major tenants of five of the world’s major religions. Explaining the fallacies that exist in human effort, He helped us to see the that regardless of the religion, people are merely misguided in the pursuit of something greater than themselves. Many do not know who God is. Some do not even understand that they are attempting to relate to God. Regardless of the religion (even modern “Christianity“) we cannot reach God. But God in His infinite mercy has made a way that we can be with Him. For information on this event and others like it, please navigate to